Brady R. Nelson
I am a Portrait Painter. I strive to unite the physical and spiritual characteristics of each person I paint while looking to explore illuminated moments within our seemingly ordinary lives. Conveying the embodiment of my sitter is paramount. To attain the desired results and effects I meld master techniques of the past such as, Sfumato, Verdaccio, and Chiaroscuro. With diligent practices, I have developed a unique style, adapting a three-fold technique, which is exclusive to my drawings and paintings.
My dreams are of painting these beautiful works of art, depicting you and your loved ones, to serve as a focal point in your household. My radiant paintings gleam light and exhibit beauty. Portrait Paintings provide an abundant significance of family, virtue, and timelessness for today and future generations. I feel blessed with a very special gift knowing that I can share my ability to bring joy into the lives of others.

Brady! Studio
1102 Dakota Ave
Gladstone, MI 49837

(906) 420-3786